North Pennines Centre
Co Durham

You can hire the Centre for a wide range of activities, and for different lengths of time, from a single session, or a day-visit, or a weekend or week residential, according to your needs.

Examples include:

  • 2, 3, 4 or 5-day residencies during the week

  • summer schools

  • weekend courses

  • day visits, either as introductory/ exploratory events, or to achieve specific tasks using the facilities

  • daytime and evening events

  • seminars and small conferences

  • regular sessions

  • longer-term development of projects.

We can provide facilities and catering to your specification, from basic refreshments up to conference standard, and from the hire of a space to a fully-programmed multimedia project with technical support.


We believe that:

  • Linking environmental education with creativity provides the opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the relationship between the individual and the natural world

  • The use of landscape and the experience of the outdoors provides stimulus for creativity

  • Intensive collaborations can be achieved in an environment free of other external distractions, and where time and space can be available to nurture reflective practice

  • Experiential learning can extend personal development

  • Outdoor & environmental experiences can provide material for developmental processes, which in turn can provide meaningful experiences for participants

  • Policies and consideration for the environment and its sustainability underpin the entire operation

enquiries: 01434 381889


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